Lawyers Helping Lawyers

"I was introduced to The Other Bar when a counselor at the Oregon Attorney Assistance Program invitvited me to attend their annual fall retreat in Newport, Oregon, in 2015."

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"Menucha Retreats have been part of my recovery from the early 1990's, for me, when Ray O'k at Donn M's invitation..."

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The Lawyers Helping Lawyers group perpetuates its Fellowship connections, events and outreach in the recovery community and in the form of The Other Bar, Oregon.

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If you are or if you know a lawyer, judge or law student who needs help with alcoholism and/or addiction, you can contact any of our members.

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The Other Bar is ethereal

It is a fellowship - a group of men and women lawyers helping each other get and stay clean and sober, live life well and practice law.

It is a network of relationships among people who by profession are set up to be adversaries and through the need to survive a common peril become allies, helped and helpers and close dear friends.

The essential truth of The Other Bar is that it is animated by a spirit of giving help freely and without expectation of getting anything in return except, hopefully, sobriety.

What one receives from such service is much better than any price one might imagine to set for one's time and efforts.

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About The Other Bar Oregon

The Other Bar, Oregon is an anonymous fellowship of recovered lawyers, judges and law students who operate in the form of a non-profit corporation to provide confidential assistance to members of the legal community who suffer from alcoholism and/or drug addiction.

These recovered lawyers pass on the support they received while recovering from alcoholism and/or addiction and practicing law and facing the consequences of their addiction conduct including disciplinary proceedings, SLAC monitoring and last chance employment agreements.

Many recovered lawyers have come back from seemingly hopeless situations to continue practicing law and to preserve or regain what is most important to them in their lives.

The Mission of The Other Bar is to perpetuate the unity and fellowship of recovered lawyers, judges and law students and to facilitate the sharing of 12 Step recovery through Lawyers Helping Lawyers Groups.

The Other Bar, Oregon is not affiliated with the Oregon State Bar, the PLF or the Oregon Attorney Assistance Program.

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A Brief History of The Other Bar

Don Muccigrosso was involved in a Lawyers Helping Lawyers Group in New York and the International Lawyers Of Alcoholics Anonymous prior to moving to Portland in early 1981.

He immediately formed a Lawyers Helping Lawyers Group by bringing together all of the recovered alcoholic lawyers he could find. The Portland members of the group began holding a weekly Lawyers Only meeting at noon at Wilf's restaurant in Union Station. They called their meeting The Other Bar. The group grew as they reached out to other lawyers who were suffering from alcoholism and addiction.

In 1982, Don intervened upon a number of the more obvious candidates for assistance from the Lawyers Helping Lawyers Group. The class of '82 included well known, successful and well liked lawyers in the Portland metropolitan area.

That same year, Don applied to become a member of the Oregon State Bar. On his application, he stated that he was a recovered alcoholic. That was a courageous demonstration of honesty because of the great stigma attached.

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